Construction Inspection & Material Testing

Construction Inspection & Material Testing

ACOT’s experience in conducting construction inspection and material testing services throughout the construction process is extensive. ACOT provides a comprehensive range of field laboratory concrete testing services for the construction industry.

ACOT facilities are designed for rapid response to contractors’ needs so that projects are not delayed waiting on test results. Providing accurate test results is paramount at ACOT. Test equipment undergoes a rigorous program of quality assurance inspection and calibration to ensure that all projects maintain necessary and relevant certifications.

Specialty Field Services include

  1. Slump & air content testing preparation of strength specimens
  2. Aggregate sampling
  3. Batch plan control – verify & adjust batch weights
  4. Coring
  5. Swiss Hammer
  6. Windsor Probe

Specialty Laboratory Services Include

  1. Comprehensive strength testing of cylinders, cubes & cores – all sizes
  2. Flexural strength testing of beams – standard sizes
  3. Masonry – individual blocks and prisms
  4. Aggregates – Los Angeles Abrasion, freeze-thaw, gradation, absorption, specific gravity
  5. Mix Designs