Construction Life-Cycle Management

Construction Life-Cycle Management

ACOT Associates Group is a leader in the Program/Project Management Industry. Our experts provide a hands-on approach, and attention to detail, to each and every aspect of the construction process – from design to completion. ACOT acts as your personal representative: watching, listening, and overseeing all aspects of your project. We focus on providing quality services in the areas of program/construction management including:

  • Budget Preparation and Updating
  • Computer-Aided Parameter Cost Model
  • Life-Cycle Costing
  • CPM Scheduling of Design Activities
  • Identification and/or Procurement of Long-Lead Delivery Items

Contract Procurement

  • Assembly of Bid Packages
  • Bid Solicitation, Analysis and Award
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • Construction Phase

Construction Project Management

  • Approval of Invoices and Reviewing Payments
  • Negotiating Change Orders
  • Project Controls and Record Keeping
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Preparation of CPM Scheduling
  • Coordination of Trades
  • Progress Monitoring/Field Observations
  • Construction Inspection
  • Material Testing
  • Design Phase

CPM Network Development of Design Activities

  • Monitor Design Progress
  • Cost and Schedule Reporting
  • Develop Pre-bid CPM Construction Schedule
  • Develop Schedule Specification for Inclusion in Contract
  • Construction Phase
Develop CPM Working Plan and Computerized Schedule
  • Cost Loading of Project Activities
  • Monitor Construction Progress
  • Cost and Scheduling Reporting
  • Prepare Monthly Narrative Progress Reports
  • Conceptual or Schematic Design Phase
Preliminary and/or Final Working Document Phases
  • Change Order Evaluation, Value Engineering & Costing during Construction
  • Value Engineering
  • Additional Services
Evaluation of Claims & Counter-Claims for Settlement Participation in Discovery Process
  • Expert Witness Presentation
  • Claim Mitigation and Support